Computer Invision provides the best Managed Services in the area. Through industry-standard practices, Security, cost saving and high efficient technology, your business will be able to achieve more, save more and be more.

Your business is unique, and your industry has its own set of pain-points and hurdles to overcome. Computer Invision is built around understanding your business, overcoming your industry hurdles and conquering the pain-points so you can stop dealing with process, and start doing what your business was meant to do.

Computer Invision LLC provides a set of services and guarantees based on a contract between customers. The set of services are defined by the service contract and guarantees are rendered by service directly provided by Computer Invision LLC. What makes Managed Services so popular is that your business does not need to worry about hardware requirements, or software licenses, or what you need to get a product to work. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) worries about the details of how to get the service offering to work, you just benefit from access to the service, software, or product. This lets you have a consistent or predictable cost each month and you don’t have several vendors or software licenses to purchase. All that is handled by us. Simplify your service today by choosing Computer Invision LLC. We are dedicated to your success, are customer-centric, and easy to work with.


Managed Services

Standard IT Operations Management (Patching, Configuration, Setup, Uptime Management)
24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Help Desk Support
Data Protection and Data Security (does not include endpoint security. See section "ATP" for Endpoint Security)
Data Backup and Recovery Solutions
Business Class Email Services (Exchange Server)
Document Management Services (SharePoint)
Communication Tools (includes Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, StaffHub, and more)
Training for Services offered

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Advanced Threat Protection provides protection and anti-virus services to endpoint devices (PCs, Servers, etc) and provides advanced analytics and diagnostics to detect and remove threats from a PC. Going beyond standard anti-virus, ATP gives better insight into threats, what happened, what the threat did, and how to mitigate it. These protections ensure data and information security at the device and protects data from even unknown threats.

VoIP PBX Telephone Service

Computer Invision LLC offers direct telephone services to customers with contracts. We can help you save money by offering very competitive pricing on business-grade telephone services. We offer all the features you expect from a business-grade telephone service including:
IVR Menus
Different welcome messages and IVR structures for business hours and off hours
Business-grade Voicemail
Call Queue and Call Park Features
Unlimited simultaneous calls
Follow Me Features
and much more...